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This is "not" the 1611 King James Bible "Christianity."
This is “not” the 1611 King James Bible “Christianity.”



Vatican Federal alliance
Vatican Federal alliance


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  1. By Debra Allen on

    Genesis 1 tells of the creation of God’s footstool, so when it is finished & God’s sits down ((SATurday! the true Sabbath!!)) to REST He has a place to REST His feet!! He (God) built a nice square,flat,earth enclosed FOOTSTOOL! It is NOT a wet spinning ball rocketing through outer space!! It still sits beneath the feet of GOD, for now.

    The Roman Catholic Jesuit Papal anti-Christ system has a short time left as people are waking up to their lies and deception!! God’s ‘earth’ IS FLAT & the anti-Christ is satan, working through the Jesuit/papal system! God bless your work! Wake up people!!

    1. By Ocirne RELTsen on

      SATur’day meAns= Saturn-DAY (saTURN =SAtan) the”day *of THE *ocCULT JuIce.
      “ti-me’ #dusn’t# EXIST
      PEople= MASons
      ISlam* WILl B-the* NWO
      WHO or what is’ GOD?
      THE “snake @th’ STICK (of MOShe) is’ tHE “devil’ ON *blk* “magic’


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