*** Hidden coded secrets of the Bible – REVEALED FOR THE FIRST TIME! **** The 3 “major” things the early church believed. **** What material thing did the early church regard as “value”? **** FOR THE FIRST TIME – THE WHOLE TRUTH OF THE 1611 (kjv)BIBLE will be told – here, on this website.

  1. Trinity? There is no “Trinity.”
  2. There is one God, and his name is JESUS.
  3. What exactly is the “Gospel”?
  4. Who controls the “world’s” money?
  5. Who created, and controls the Federal government around the world?
  6. Why was (and still is) the early church, and their doctrine – feared by the world order?
  7. 666, is it really that simple?
  8. Who was the only GOD of the early church?
  9. Who was the enemy of the early church?
  10. What did the early church regard as treasure?


  1. By Ocirne RELTsen on

    ONE as in UNO or just 1 IS Only’ A-Dead NUMBer.
    JeSus relates to Je Suis = I am – I am the SON of GOD or I am the SUN of God?? The SON means offspring or creation (creator) The SUN is thus al’so a Son of God (creation of God) Jesus is the Sun! It’s the PERSONification of the Sun. They worship the SUN but the Sun isn’t the Creator but the creation. See the SUN behind the head on the cross! The picture of Jesus represents Lucifer – the Fallen Angel of Light, art, music or Yang. DEVILoped by Jewish Masonic scribes for the Vatican to mainly control the European Goys under Christianity. DevilOPment’ means the devil on your mind. VATIcan is the House of the Snake. The Hexagram on the ISraEli flag deScribes it: As above, so below. They read it all from the Stars!

    1. By ** on

      I don’t know if “any” response will do you any good. However, for the sake of others, let me try to bring something to clarity. Did you know the name “Jesus” can not be found in the 1611 King James Bible? Do you know why? Here is your help. – God had and adversary, the Devil. The Devil has been trying to justify his purpose seance the beginning. And just as God did not want his name revealed until the time was right,the Bible was written in “spiritual code” to keep certain truths – from the prince of this world.That’s why the Bible does not speak of everything – verbatim, or in obvious terms. The Catholic Empire tries to use this against God, by re-writing bibles, under the guise of “making the Bible easier to comprehend. For example – LORD vs Lord. Both are in reference to the same Lord, so why the difference in capitalization? LORD = God UN-manifested. Lord = manifested. It will not be easy for you to come to the conclusion that you have been deceived. Try to understand, there are countless ways to be deceived, but only one truth. May the Lord help you.

  2. By Joe on

    Amendment to September 14th comment – The name Jesus cannot be found in the “Old Testament.”

    1. By D.H. on

      Thank you Sir. I make a boo boo now and then. The reason being? God could not reveille his identity until the resurrection. You know… it would be nice if my critics could be so quick to amen me, as they are to point out my errors.

  3. By D.H. on

    In the 1611 King James Bible [the only Bible] we find the word “LORD” two ways: #1. – God invisible – [All capitalized] – L-O-R-D. #2. – God Visible, or manifested – [capital “L” only – L-o-r-d.


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